Strange days of happiness

by UHF

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dave alexander
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dave alexander sweet melodies on those electro funk uhf frequencies. makes the snow on my Analogue black and white TV dance when switched to channel 37 Favorite track: Circular Brain.



Uhf is a spanish duo, founded by techno dj/producer Milford and David Aragón, a highly respected dj in the electronic scene of Madrid.
Together they've created electro beats and idm, which mixed with old school tunes,
with European influences from the nineties, and it undoubtfully offers a taste of Detroit.
Their first single was released in 2014 and included in a compilation of the label
'Gladio Operations', along with renown artists as Boris Divider,
ERP and Luke Eargoggle, among others.


Borg Recordings' latest release, number 35 (!!!), is a work of space electro beauty. "Circular Brain" and "Ain't no place for a hero", our personal favourite, take you straight to interstellar sound dimensions with their intricate pads and blips over crafted electro beats. "Escape from the Frozen Planet" comes in hard, techy and cold, adding layer after layer of pads and synths as the track progesses, and the title track is a definite throwback to Detroit pedigree, perfectly executed and worthy of being included in any aquatic electro set. On the whole, UHF's "Strange Days of Happiness" is the perfect soundtrack to surf on those space radiowaves!

Elektrodos -


released March 11, 2017

All Tracks written, Produced by DJ Milford and David Aragón.
All tracks Mixed by Tadeo at Javha studios.
All tracks mastered by SKYE @ Borg Recordings.
Artwork by SKYE



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