Missing Time

by Mike Ash



Mike Ash explodes back on to the Electro scene with Four amazing dance floor killers. Prepare to have your breath taken away.

Mike Ash - Missing Time Back with a bang on Borg Recordings with his latest EP "Missing Time", master of space acid electro Mike Ash delivers the goods once again: relentless and driving electro beats with solid 303 basslines and heavy atmospheres. Opener "Hypnotic Regression" is an unforgiving and captivating Mike Ash track, dark, fast, heavy bass kicks, and without pause or delicacy. "Biological Entity" and "The Fourth Kind" are characteristic the fast paced, elegant and melodic electro this veteran producer delights us with. The last track, "Gravity Wave", with scientific vocal samples and studied melodies, is the balad of this EP, with crafted atmospheres and laden with 303 melodies. Electro for living in the fast lane!

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Mike Ash with another pulse pounding e.p. Combining old school, nu school,
acid and intricate textures in a signature style all his own and all pure electro.
A perfect soundtrack for driving your spacecraft.

DJ Dave Calculater www.facebook.com/DJDC303


released June 25, 2016

All tracks written by Mike Ash
All tracks Mastered by SKYE @Borg Recordings.
Art work by SIRE www.facebook.com/GRAFFMAN.INC



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